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“This trip has been transformational. It opened my heart and

gave me a better understanding of sacrifice.”
- Rose Elliott, Edmonton, AB

“A fantastic pilgrimage … it brought history to life, for sure.”

- Andre Fournier, Ottawa, ON


“I will forever cherish the connections we’ve made with the Dutch villages where my father fought and some of his friends died. This is a legacy I will pass on to my son and my granddaughter.”
- Laird Niven, Dartmouth, NS


“What started as a journey to learn more about my dad’s wartime

experience has turned into a memory not to be forgotten.

My Dad would be proud that I participated in IOFF.” 

- Joanne Edey-Nicoll, Langley, BC

“This trip brought ‘alive’ the depth and vastness of the Dutch liberation.”
- Susan Stahl, Cochrane, AB


“This journey provided us with a precious opportunity to learn much

from our fellow travellers, about my father’s war experience, and about

the sacrifices made by all who served.”

- Ivan Sereda, Calgary AB


 “We will never forget this trip.”

- Linda, Julian, and Helen Webb


“This has been an unforgettable experience. One seed has made an

incredible garden grow.”

- Susan Brown, Toronto


“This trip greatly surpassed my hopes and expectations.

I had hoped to make connections to my dad’s war experience—and I did—

but I had no idea thatI would be so touched by the heartfelt gratitude expressed by the Dutch people.”

- Jane Fleetwood Morrow, Collingwood


“This trip has been a deeply moving experience allowing me

some insights into my father’s wartime life.”

- Patricia Minnes, Kingston

"What an indescribable event you started and delivered with your friends
and compatriots. Truly extraordinary. You guys ‘kicked ass’."

- Jean Gallop

"Warm thanks for everything you did to create such a wonderful experience. 
It was a really unforgettable trip!"

- Elizabeth Wensley

This trip was “a trip of a lifetime” for me and I will be forever grateful to all of you for all the hours and hours and hours of planning, work, and dedication!

- Susan Stahl


I am still in awe. When I tell my friends about what you did and our experiences they find it hard to believe. I hope that the videos on Dispatch #12 stay on Youtube as I play them often. Many thanks!

- Marilyn Moen

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