Day 0: Wednesday, September 7/22 (Departure)

Fly overnight from Toronto to Amsterdam.

Day 1: Thursday, September 8/22 (Arrive, Acclimatize)

Arrive Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and travel by coach to the hotel near Nijmegen. “Meet & Greet,” with drinks. After dinner, participate in the Sunset March on Nijmegen’s Waal/Rhine Bridge commemorating Operation Market Garden.

Day 2: Friday, September 9/22 (Rhineland Offensive: Operation Veritable & Blockbuster, Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery)

Explore and learn with professional guides, in Germany: Reichswald Forest, Kleve, Rees, Kalkar, Emmerich. Lunch near Moyland Castle. Participate in a special remembrance tribute in Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery (NL)

Day 3: Saturday, September 10/22 (IOFF Walk # 1)

Walk 20 km in the footsteps of the 2nd Canadian Division, from Megchelen (near Emmerich/Rhine-crossing) to Doetinchem. Explore and learn with professional guides. See the innovative DRU culture factory in Ulft. Enjoy local activities and the warm Dutch welcome as we walk through various liberated villages, such as Doetinchem (Fort Garry Horse).

Day 4: Sunday, September 11/22 (IOFF Walk # 2) 


Walk 20 km in the footsteps of the 3rd Canadian Division, from Baak via Warnsveld to Almen/Ehzerwold. Explore and learn with professional guides. Visit a castle used by the Canadian troops as their field hospital and see the bridgehead crossing site at the Twente Canal. Enjoy the warm Dutch welcome as we walk through the liberated villages. Check in to our “barracks” at Ehzerwold, a former Canadian field hospital. Nurse your feet in the same rooms used by the Canadian troops!

Day 5: Monday, September 12/22 (Free Day) 

A day of leisure, sightseeing, or meet-up’s, with a self-arranged lunch. Visit Amsterdam (on a for-purchase tour) or explore the beautiful surroundings of  Ehzerwold estate, rich with war history relating to Canadian troops. Arrange a meet-up with Dutch friends. 

Day 6: Tuesday, September 13/22 (Holten War Cemetery, Nijverdal War Museum)


Participate in a remembrance tribute at Holten Canadian War Cemetery and view its Information Centre exhibits. Visit the new Canadian War Museum in Nijverdal. Experience an evening candlelight vigil at the nearby Canadian monument in Almen (where 40 Canadian soldiers were temporarily buried).

Day 7: Wednesday, September 14/22 (IOFF Walk # 3: Operation Cannonshot, Apeldoorn’s Canadian Walk, Palace Het Loo)

Walk 8 km in the footsteps of the 1st Canadian Division, from Almen to Gorssel. Explore & learn with professional guides. Visit the Canadian War Monument, commemorating the IJssle River Crossing (Operation Cannonshot). Cross the river by ferry, walk to the village of Wilp, then follow the “Canadian Walk” in Apeldoorn. Enjoy High Tea at Palace Het Loo with Princess Margriet and the Canadian Ambassador. Participate in a unique Canadian Remembrance Torch ceremony celebrating Canadian veterans and their legacy of peace, freedom, and friendship. Farewell party at Ehzerwold estate.

Day 8: Thursday, September 15/22 (Market Garden: the Canadian contribution -OR- Return to Canada) 

For those returning to Canada, travel by coach to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport for the return flight to Toronto.

-OR- Travel by coach to Arnhem to learn about Operation Market Garden and the role of the Canadian Engineers in enabling the escape of 2000 British and Polish soldiers. (Operation Berlin). Cross the river by ferry and visit the Canadian Monument near Driel. Travel to Kapelsche Veer where you’ll learn about Operation Elephant and the 4th Canadian Division. Continue on to Bergen op Zoom (Scheldt area) and check in at Fletcher Bergen op Zoom.

Day 9: Friday, September 16/22 (Battle of the Scheldt Estuary)


Travel to the southernmost region of Zeeland. Learn about the Sept. 1944 mission of the Canadian 3rd and 4th Divisions to gain access for the Allies to the Scheldt Estuary. See the reconstructed villages that were fully destroyed. Visit original German bunkers. Cross the Estuary by ferry and explore the landing beaches of Walcheren. Visit the new Liberty Museum. Walk to Sloedam Monument and participate in a remembrance tribute.

Day 10: Saturday, September 17/22 (Battle of the Scheldt: Antwerp)

Visit the beautiful medieval town of Antwerp and see the harbor that played a crucial supply role during the war. Learn about the 2nd Canadian Division and “Black Friday” in October 1944. Walk the memorial routes of the regiments through Hoogerheide and Woensdrecht, finishing with a remembrance tribute at the Canadian monument.

Day 11: Sunday, September 18/22 (Bergen op Zoom) 

The day begins with a remembrance tribute at Bergen op Zoom Canadian War Cemetery. The rest of the day is open for leisure, sightseeing, or meet-up’s, with a self-arranged lunch.

Day 12: Monday, September 19 /22 (Return to Canada)


Travel to Amsterdam by coach, with a brief stop south of Rotterdam to view the nearby world-famous “Kinderdijk” windmills, before heading to Schiphol Airport for the return flight to Toronto.

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