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Veterans daughter organizes walk in Netherlands for 75th anniversary of Dutch liberation.

Karen Hunter says the entire event was created in the process of learning more about her father.

Guelph resident Karen Hunter is rallying up descendants of the Second World War Liberation of the Netherlands veterans so they can walk in the footsteps of Canadian troops in the Netherlands. 

The walk that begins in May 2020 will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Dutch liberation where Canadian troops freed the Netherlands from Nazi occupation.

“We are the next generation—the baby boomers—and it’s now up to us to carry the remembrance torch,” she says.

Hunter says In Our Fathers’ Footsteps will be an educational, cultural, spiritual experience inspired by the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage where participants will have a chance to honour those who engaged in the deadly battle. 

“I hope to attract 200 descendants from across Canada who, like me, want to honour these 175,000 Canadian veterans,” says Hunter. 

She says the decision to organize this entire event was triggered by a curiosity to learn more about her father. 

Karen Hunter’s father was a Dutch liberation veteran from the Second World War, and she says he never spoke about it. When he turned 80 years old in 1999, Her father Gilbert Hunter gave her a book of memoirs chronicling his journey in the war.


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