The Canadian Remembrance Torch

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Help IOFF carry the first-ever Canadian Remembrance Torch to show our veterans that we, as the next generation, will never forget.

The Canadian Remembrance Torch represents our veterans' legacy.
We have exciting plans for The Canadian Remembrance Torch.

It will begin its journey at the Peace Tower in Ottawa, then travel by Lancaster Bomber to Halifax … by Navy ship to the Netherlands … and by Army transport to its first destination. Then, the Torch will be carried 60 km along the routes taken by the Canadian troops, arriving at Het Low Palace in Apeldoorn. There, a veteran will pass the Torch to Princess Margriet, who will pass it to a young Canadian. The Torch will then return home to Canada for the country’s "end of WWII" ceremonies.

Every day is Remembrance Day

Every day, be thankful for our veterans

Every day, cherish our peace and friendship with others, like the Dutch.

Support this wonderful dream and donate at www.canadianremembrancetorch.ca

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The Canadian Remembrance Torch


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