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“I feel so pumped up to be going back there...”

Says Ernie Wiles, a WWII veteran and member of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, one of hundreds of young men dropped into German-occupied Holland to help liberate its people.

Lindsay's Ernie Wiles is one of four Canadian veterans who are headed back to Holland as part of an initiative created by a Dutch businessman to thank those who helped liberate his country during the Second World War. - Larry Day submitted photo

Ernie and three other veterans (Albert Suddard, Georgina Rosewall, and Alexander Polowin) are being treated to a trip to The Netherlands for the Sept. 2019 Operation Market Garden commemorations, by Dutch entrepreneur Frits van Eerd, co-owner of the Jumbo Supermarket chain.

Wiles was just 18 in 1943 when he signed up for service and, when required to choose a division, thought “jumping out of an airplane sounds like a lot of fun.”


Read Ernie's article here:

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