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From Guelph to the Netherlands: Pilgrimage planned to honour 75th anniversary of liberation

Guelph’s Karen Hunter is following in her late father’s footsteps next year and she expects to feel many, many things.

“It’s hard to find the words to describe it,” she says.

“I know it will be so emotional. There are many places we will be . . . that will be exactly where he was. I expect a whole range of emotions . . . sadness, joy, gratitude, and pride — to name just a few."

Karen Hunter, seen holding a photo of her late father, Gilbert, is organizing the In Our Fathers' Footsteps pilgrimage. - Ned Bekavac, Torstar

Hunter's father, Gilbert, enlisted in the Canadian army when he was 22. He fought in the Italian campaign before his unit joined forces with the First Canadian Division to liberate the Netherlands.

She's currently putting together In Our Fathers' Footsteps, a not-for-profit pilgrimage for the Canadian descendants of World War II veterans of the liberation of Netherlands.

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