April 27th -
may 9th 2022

•The netherlands•

9 OR 13 DAYs

FOLLOW the routes TAKEN BY

our Canadian Troops!


In Our Fathers’ Footsteps

is a not-for-profit, Camino-inspired pilgrimage for the Canadian descendants

of WWII veterans of the Liberation 

of The Netherlands.


In Our Fathers' Footsteps  is a spiritual, cultural, and educational event that includes walks totalling 60 km, along the routes of the Canadian liberators— together with heartfelt commemorations and joyful festivities.


Coinciding with the Liberation’s 75th+2 anniversary, In Our Fathers' Footsteps will take place in The Netherlands in April and May 2022.


Trace your father’s footsteps. Celebrate our freedom, peace and Dutch friendship. Honour our WWII Dutch Liberation veterans!


Are you the proud descendant of a Canadian WWII veteran who served in 

The Netherlands?


Join our 75th+2 anniversary pilgrimage
to honour these veterans, learn more about the Liberation and Dutch culture, and fulfill our promise:


"We shall never forget."


- Karen Hunter

Descendant and IOFF Organizer


Historic Routes

Follow the footsteps of our Canadian troops in 1944 and 1945 with professional guides.

Learn about WWII operations and battles, visit Canadian war monuments, and picnic along the way.

Heartfelt Tributes

Participate in flower ceremonies, a candlelight vigil, and Remembrance Day events at

the Canadian war cemeteries

in Groesbeek, Holten, and Bergen
op Zoom.

Military Theme

Immerse yourself in a memorable learning experience. Join a “platoon,” receive “marching orders,” walk with piper bands, and sleep in private “barracks” on an estate filled with Canadian military history. 

Dutch Culture

From stroopwafels to bitterballen and pannenkoeken, taste the country’s many specialties. Sample world-famous kaas (cheese). Experience Dutch hospitality.

Festive Celebrations

Party with the Dutch on National Liberation Day. Experience the Dutch gratitude and friendship shown to our veterans.

Free Time

Explore the Netherlands. Enjoy a day of leisure, sightseeing, or meet-up’s with Dutch friends.




Battlefield Discovery
Faces To Graves
Liberation Route Europe
The Green Sparks